Complete Repair Services

In our Repair Shops, we take pride in our ability to fix just about anything you can send our way. In-house or on-site, getting the job done right is our main goal. Our repair shops in Seymour and Bloomington deliver quality electric motor repair services using only the highest quality materials.

If we can’t fix it, we can replace it.
B&H stocks one of the largest selections of new and rebuilt electric motors in the region. We also represent several manufacturers of variable frequency drives and solid-state soft starters.

Our Complete Rewind Services feature:

  • Temperature-controlled & environmental ovens
  • Inverter-duty magnet wire
  • Class H rewind materials
  • Emergency 24-hour service

Other Services include:

  • AC and DC servo motor repair by trained servo repair technicians
  • Spindle reconditioning
  • Complete pump rebuilding and testing in our wet pump test area
  • Transformer repair
  • Gear reducer repair
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Shaft fabrication and modification
  • Site teams for electrical and mechanical equipment removal and installation

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