SmogHog® is the most recognized name for effective removal of mist and smoke within the metalworking industry. Our electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) have been cleaning the air and recycling machining fluids for companies around the world for nearly five decades. The SmogHog model MSH is a self-contained mist collector that can be mounted directly onto machining centers or locally ducted. Mists, fumes and smoke generated from oil and water based coolants are drawn into the system and then subjected to a highly efficient multi-stage filtration process including a coalescing pre-filter and ESP collection cell(s). Clean air is then recirculated back into the plant for a cleaner, healthier work environment.

SmogHog Benefits

  • High Filtration Efficiency. Keeps air clean in your factory and process running at peak performance with more than 99% removal efficiency by mass and greater than 90%* particle removal of 0.3 μm liquid particles(* independently verified in accordance with EN 1822-5).
  • Life Cycle Cost Advantages. Low airflow resistance leads to energy savings and reduced operational costs. Washable filters eliminate the need for costly replacement filters and associated disposal costs.
  • Reduce Operational Expenses. The Mist-Stop Coalescing pre-filter, high capacity collection cell(s) and variable speed airflow controls work to extend service intervals reducing production downtime and operational expenses.
  • Flexible Configurations. Horizontal and vertical airflow orientations, single or multiple ESP passes and full line of accessories allows systems to be configured to match your unique application.
  • Ease of Installation. The compact design allows the system to be conveniently installed directly onto machining centers or into tight spaces.

Options and Accessories

  • 3-phase power adaptors
  • Machine mount kits
  • 6, 8, 10 and 12” inlet collars (horizontal only)
  • Flexible duct and clamps
  • Vibration isolation kit
  • High energy power supply
  • Drain loop assembly
  • Drain bottle
  • Power cord
  • Remote power switch
  • Custom paint